Some projects have a life of their own. In preparation for another project, Grendel’s Mother wanted to try out an acrylic cement. David offered Trisha a half-finished eight foot tall steel armature of a dog for a test piece. As they began to work on this sculpture a group of volunteers made up of students, friends and fellow artists came together to help. After a layer of chicken wire and cement had been applied, David and Trisha decided to try something they had not done before. They would cover the piece with a mosaic of ceramic tile.

In between many other projects, work continued on this sculpture for three years. Fellow artist David LeChaimant made the distinctive blown glass eyeballs. In the summer of 2003, the not quite finished Poochifer was rented by Clear Channel to be the backstage decoration at a Bjork concert in San Francisco. Now completed, this half ton sculpture resides in Grendel’s Mother’s studio yard and is available for sale.

We want to thank everyone who has donated time and skill to this sculpture. Special thanks to David Flaig, who named Poochifer and who has worked alongside us on so many projects.

Poochifer, 2005


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