Grendel’s Mother was asked to build a sculpture for a Day of the Dead exhibition at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. Curators Ali Blum and Calixto Robles gathered together a wide variety of artists from the U.S. and Mexico for this show which coincided with a large exhibition of Mayan Art at the Museum.

Zotz, the title of this sculpture, means bat in the Mayan language. Mayan theology morphed with Medieval Christian imagery and a bit of Tex Avery in this sculpture. The goal was to make a welcoming, even comforting figure of death.

Zotz ended up being a ten foot tall, seven foot wide stuffed animal. The sculpture has an internal steel armature skinned with purple fur on the body and nylon on the wings. Acrylic medium applied over the nylon gives the wings a skin-like effect. The bat’s eyes, like the twin skeletons on the belly, are made of porcelain. Trisha and David built the armature while fellow artist Sarah Lowe took charge of the fabric construction. The three primary artists along with nine assistants built this sculpture over the course of two months.


Grendel's Mother | ZOTZ

Zotz with school children at the Legion of Honor,
mixed media, 2004, 10' x 7' x 6'


Zotz Image 2




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